• History

    Time For Tots was established in 1973 to provide a warm and loving atmosphere for children when they are away from home and family. We are a private, nonprofit Christian school located in the tri-city area of Tempe, Gilbert, and Chandler. Time For Tots moved from Tempe to Chandler in 2010, and has been able to expand since then. In addition to the Preschool, we are excited to offer a Kindergarten Preparatory program this year! We look forward to a year of spiritual and intellectual growth, and to a great future ministering to children.

    Kindergarten Preparatory
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  • Philosophy of Care & Education

    And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. (Luke 2:52, KJV)
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  • MENTALLY (Wisdom)

    Our goal at Time for Tots Preschool is to encourage your child to grow in knowledge at his/her age level and ability. Our curriculum gives them the chance to explore, develop ideas, and solve problems through work and play.

    PHYSICALLY (Stature)

    Another goal of Time for Tots Preschool is to make sure each child has sufficient physical activity and rest. Preschool children love activity and their growing bodies need exercise. We also have a daily naptime to help your preschooler get adequate rest for their minds and bodies.

    SPIRITUALLY (In favor with God)

    We strive to encourage young minds to grow in their love for Christ and His Word, the Bible. We have daily Bible stories and songs and talk about God’s love for us. It is our sincere desire that each child understands God’s love for them and grow to love Him in return.

    SOCIALLY & EMOTIONALLY (In favor with men)

    Preschool children need to learn to get along with others, and how to do so with controlled emotions as well. We encourage, through role modeling, how to properly interact with others and remind children to show kindness to others through sharing and considering their words. It is important to us that each child feels valued and loved by God, by their teachers, and by their peers.

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  • License

    Time For Tots is fully license by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS). ADHS makes annual inspections of our premises. You are welcome to ask to view the inspection results in the Time For Tots office, or you may call ADHS for this information. ADHS can also provide you with information concerning any complaints made with their office regarding Time For Tots.


    ADHS Office of Child Care Licensure

    150 N 18th Ave, Suite 400 | Phoenix, 85007
    TFT License#: CDC-1488


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