• The goal for this program is to prepare your child for Kindergarten. We use the A Beka curriculum because it is a strong learning system, especially in the area of literacy, which is so important for three and four year olds. We’ve also added weekly S.T.E.M. activities to challenge your child’s mind and stimulate their creative thinking skills, as well as a unit on “kiddynomics” to help them understand the process and importance of saving money.

    In addition to the curriculum, your child will have the opportunity to participate in daily special classes. These classes include: Art, Library, Music, P.E. and Chapel.

    At the completion of the K4 program, not only will your child be reading, but they will have been taught Biblical values, proper manners and respect, simple addition, basic music theory, physical skills, and many other foundational concepts that will set them on the path to a strong educational future.




  • Kindergarten 3

    Our K3 program is the stepping stone for the K4 program. During the year, the students learn all of the essential things they will need to begin K4. These things include:

    • Daily Bible time with the class. We learn stories from the Bible, and make crafts about the stories we learn.
    • Recognizing letter names and sounds. We also begin blending sounds together.
    • Tracing letters, lines, and glue/stick objects within the letter outline.
    • Making patterns with objects, shapes, and colors.
    • Recognizing numbers 1-15 and counting to 30.
    • Painting, gluing, and coloring pictures, as well as creating other projects.
  • Kindergarten 4

    The K-4 program is a very strong, well rounded program that will give your child the foundation that he or she needs for Kindergarten. These are some of the highlights of K4:

    • Daily Bible time with the class is very important. We hear familiar Bible stories, as well as learn how to pray for others, memorize verses, and sing songs about God and His goodness.
    • We learn phonics and grammar rules that we apply to reading passages. We blend sounds together and recognize that these sounds form words.
    • We learn to recognize common sight words that we will see in our reading passages.
    • We recognize and write numbers 1-20 as well as count to 100.
    • We add simple combinations, such as 1+1, 1+2, etc.
    • We make more complex patterns with objects, shapes, and colors.
    • We cut, glue, tear, tape, fold, draw, write our names, and have fun with glitter!



  • Special Classes

    Chapel: Once a week, the K3 and K4 gather together to have a special chapel time where we sing sings, listen to Bible stories from “special speakers”, and pray together.

    Library: We go to our library and listen to books read by the librarian. Students also have time to read books from the library shelves.

    Music: We practice singing, learn rhythm and basic music theory, and have several performances to show our talents to our parents

    P.E.: We learn basic sports skills, and do stretches, and perform exercises that keep our bodies strong and healthy.

    Art: We create fun projects that are based on our weekly classroom themes.