Here at Time For Tots, we make the safety and security of our children the highest priority. We are committed to providing a welcoming atmosphere and safe environment for our children. We have established protocols and policies with your child’s safety in mind. We pride ourselves in working alongside the parents and guardians to keep TFT a safe and healthy place to learn and grow.


At Time For Tots safety begins before our families arrive. Our campus is locked and monitored to ensure the safety of our families from the moment they enter our facility.

Our playground offers a protected space to play while meeting the highest safety guidelines. From the play structures to the ground coverings our goal is to provide a fun outdoor atmosphere while maintaining safety.

Our family data software, Procare, enables us to allow access to those in our network while maintaining a securely locked center and is utilized as a parent teacher communications app, provides daily feedback of your child’s activities.

Each classroom is set up with age-appropriate furnishings and toys to ensure a safe learning and development space. These standards are set by the state of Arizona. Teacher are further trained by Quality First to rise above the state standards for a more professional and effective preschool experience.


Healthy habits start early. We have put into place healthy practices that we teach and model. Basic, age-appropriate hygiene, such as hand washing is practiced by even the youngest children.

We do…

frequent hand washing

temperature checks

small class sizes

daily classroom cleaning and disinfecting (twice per day)

weekly COVID fogging of the playground

individually prepared meals ages 1-3

nutritious family-style meals for age 4

outside activity time

first aid, CPR, and AED certified staffing

For the health and care of all our families and friends, we ask parents to keep sick children at home and to notify the TFT office regarding the diagnosis of communicable diseases affecting their family.


Keeping your child safe and secure is a priority. Our check-in and check-out processes use security protocol systems. These protocols unlock the door at sign-in and check-out ensuring a secure center.

The main Tri-City entrance lobby is monitored 24-hours a day by video surveillance.

Regarding COVID-19, we are continuously conscious of the ever-changing dynamics regarding the pandemic. We monitor guidance from our local, county, state, and federal government agencies as well as the CDC and other organizations. We will communicate with parents regarding policies that may require operational changes as well as notify parents of any exposures. At any time, parents can discuss TFT policies/practices or share their concerns with our office staff.

We ask parents to keep sick children at home and to notify the TFT office regarding positive results or quarantine measures affecting their family.